Software and Application Development

SalesForce Communities

Indus Group Customers can find solutions to their issues in communities where they have customer support channel or agent support or they will get access to their own data with the some restrictions, and they can solve their own issues. Indus group help you define and build the best engagement experiences with internal and external stakeholders of your organization.

Indus Group can create and customize communities as per our requirement. Indus Group communities can be built within the organization like customer support or partner support community, or we can have a community for an upcoming event. Indus will help develop a social collaboration environment that drives customer loyalty, brand advocacy and social intelligence.

Transforming Businesses into Social

Indus Group identify the levels of engagement that are needed within and outside your company and meet these needs through a customized content strategy, data migration, integration with all these tied to a seamless mobile experience as well.

Giving Voice to Our Brand

Indus Group team puts dedicated efforts into creating and amplifying your brand's reputation through a secure, comfortable environment and a pixel-perfect user interface.

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