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Salesforce Integration Services

The proliferation of cloud / mobile / social platform based heterogeneous applications has left end-users hamstrung by soloed systems. These offer little or no visibility into cross the enterprise business processes and require manual interventions to fill in for transaction gaps. Hence, the Indus Group mission-critical need for highly interoperable, extensible, intuitive, user-friendly yet cost-effective integrations across Applications, Data and Business Processes.

Sales force Integration Services using Middleware technologies eliminate a major chunk of the complexities and pain of integration. Depending on whether its your sales, marketing, finance or custom made application that needs to share data with Sales force, our certified experts and strategists will help you choose the most scalable integration option.

Process Analysis

Indus Group begin the integration process, our team will do a requirement session to understand what your needs are. In this session Indus group will conduct interviews so that we understand the current state of your technology environment, and what you want it to be in the future.

Sales force Configuration

Integrating applications with Sales force requires more that just porting data over. Before Indus group even think about sending data in or out, we have to prepare the environment.

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